Rancho Mastatal

Design/Build Collective:

Design solutions in natural building and productive landscapes
for Central America

The Rancho Mastatal Design/Build Collective specializes in creating abundant tropical landscapes and inspirational buildings. Our team is made up of natural builders, professional landscape designers, permaculturalists and ecologists who have years of experience as part of the core team at Rancho Mastatal in Costa Rica. Through our years working with the land we have developed a practical design philosophy to create resilient ecological homes and landscapes. We use a whole systems approach that mimics and works with nature to create resilient and sustainable systems to house and nourish us. Over our many years in Costa Rica, we have developed a large network of highly experienced professionals, extensive in-country resources, and climate specific knowledge.  
We work and live in the tropics, with tropical plants, eating tropical foods in systems that we have designed and created. If you hope to do the same our experience will help you accomplish these goals. 


From a quick consultation about edible plants for your home garden to full scale site analysis and master planning for your property, RMDBC can help you create a productive and beautiful landscape.

Permaculture Design Options

On-Site Visit & Recommendations ($250/per day)

  • A walk around your site with local experts from RMDBC
  • Advice on but not exclusive to:
    • soil fertility strategies
    • orchard establishment techniques
    • erosion control techniques
    • fruit and nut tree selection
    • perennial greens and vegetables selection

Concept Plan (price dependent on scope of project)

  • Rapid Site Assessment and Analysis
  • Recording of mapping details of site & watersheds
  • In depth discussion of clients wants and needs
  • Detailed maps of site & zoning
  • Detailed species recommendations and management
  • Detailed management advice & instructions for:
    • Erosion control
    • Soil fertility
    • Orchard Establishment
    • Perennial vegetables
    • Medicinal plants
    • Composting
    • Nursery establishment 

In addition to this we offer many one-off services including but not limited to:

  • Nursery design and management
  • Trail and path construction
  • Compost system design and management
  • Biochar production and use
  • Medicinal plant gardens

All of our services include a resource packet with extensive reading materials, contact lists, and nursery and tool supplier lists. 

  • Sourcing of plant materials & delivery; including perennial crops, fruit species and medicinal species.
  • Sourcing, delivering and planting demonstration of some tree species
  • Sourcing, delivery and planting of all perennial, medicinal and fruit species with planting demonstrations and advice of other species.


We have many years combined experience of designing and building natural structures in the tropics and offer consultation and build services in tropical timber framing and earth construction. We are currently offering the following services;

  • Timber frame consultation and design
  • Timber frame building
  • Sourcing of lumber for timber frame building
  • Earth construction: wattle and daub, cob
  • Natural lime plasters
  • Cob oven and bench construction
  • Rocket Stove construction

For individuals or organizations interested in our design/build services, we highly recommend that you come visit our site at Rancho Mastatal.  This will allow you to see first hand the specific style of building we have developed an expertise in, and speak to us one-on-one about design, budgets, etc.  

Given the challenges and opportunities of custom building, sourcing materials, and client desires, it is difficult for us to deliver a budget estimate without an in-depth conversation first.  Please keep this in mind.

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